Saturday, June 14, 2003

+Joy+ It's not a warm, happy feeling you're supposed to have now and
then when things are going well. It's much more than that. Joy is one of
the most powerful spiritual forces in the world.

Do you believe what I'm saying there?? If you said that you need strength to go through some problems, do you know where to look for it? Or do you just pretend like you know, and then pick the wrong substence to give you strength?

Let me tell you something! You can only find strength to conquer your problems by being happy, rejoice in the midst of your tragedies, in the midst of your dillema.

Joy is not just a state of mind. It is not a fleeting emotion. Joy is
a very real force, and the devil doesn't have anything that can stand up against it. Just as fear has to yield to faith, discouragement has to yield to joy.


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