Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Oh my ... I miss him so much!!

Dear Lord, please take care of him, wherever he is right now. Remind him always, that there's a heart which still hopes. A love that still there. Arms that still awaits..

Let Your angels surrounding him & protected him with a blazing sword of fire. So, no evil spirits can touch his body. Preserve his soul oh Lord.. And always renew his mind.

May he got the fear of God inside him. May he not hurt you again ...
Forgive him Lord for hurting me in purpose.. I know deep in his heart, he didint mean to.
He just doesnt know what he's doing.
He doesnt know that I am Your child, &that You loved me so much not to let me get hurt by heartless people over and over again.

I know Lord, what matters to me, matters to You
And what hurts me, hurts You too...

Preserve him Lord, because of Your name's sake..
In Jesus name..


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