Monday, June 16, 2003


You know what!? Thank God that Jesus' been there too! He knows what it feels like to be lonely. To be betrayed by your closest one. By your own 'best friend'. Jesus once felt the agony of fear and loneliness [in mind] mixed together, until "His sweat became like great clots of blood dropping down upon the ground". Jesus knows the feeling of exceedingly sad ( overwhelmed with grief ) so that it almost kills Him. He once struck with terror and amazement and deeply troubled and depressed.

I dont want to worship God who cannot understand every trial that I've been through. I need a God who understands me completely, body, spirit and soul. And Jesus knows me!! ... Remember Indira! God's time is perfect. He has promised to never leave you, never fail you, and never forsake you, till the end. Forever...


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